Internal Fighting Arts

Welcome to the Zhong Wu Martial Arts Association.

After decades of study in China and Malaysia, Paul Rogers now teaches in the UK and Europe, with practice groups in many cities. We train the traditional Chinese fighting arts of Bagua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Yi Quan and Wu style Taiji Quan, with the focus on developing real fighting skill with barehands and weapons.

Paul Rogers was born in England in 1965. Paul lived in Malaysia and studied Wu Taiji Quan from master Long Wei De and eventually becoming an indoor disciple in 1991. Master Long was a disciple of Cheng Wing Kwong and learned Taiji Quan in Hong Kong in the 40s and 50s. In Malaysia Paul became interested in Chinese medicine, which eventually took him first to Hong Kong and then mainland China. In 1993, he went to live in Tianjin to study Chinese medicine at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, graduating in 1997. In China Paul studied Ba Gua Zhang, Xing Yi Quan, Xin Hui Zhang and Yi Quan meeting and training from disciples of Zhao Dao Xin, Zhang Ren Tong, Ao Shi Peng, Yao Zong Xun etc. He even met several of Wang Xiang Zhais’, Zhang Zhao Dongs’ and Shang Yun Xiangs’ original students. Paul became a disciple in 2003.

Paul is a third generation Taiji Quan exponent, fourth Generation Ba Gua Zhang exponent, third Generation Yi Quan exponent.