Although there are several theories about the origins of Bagua Zhang (Pa Kua Chang), recent and exhaustive research concludes without a doubt that Bagua Zhang is mainly the creation of one man, namely Dong Hai Chuan (董海川) (1797/1813 – 1882).

Our lineage of Baguazhang (the eight trigrams palm) comes from the famous martial artist Cheng Ting Hua, a specialist in the Dragon Body method which he had learned from the founder of Baguazhang, Dong Hai Chuan.

One of the core exercises of Bagua Zhang is walking the circle, which develops fast footwork, coiling power and the power of the palm and fingers. The structure and internal power of the body is developed through the circling and mother palm shapes, and the strategy and fighting skills through the eight changes on the circle. There is also a well developed method for training with one or more wooden posts, and many extremely efficient weapons techniques and drills.

Training in Bagua Zhang is divided into three levels for the purpose of teaching, the details of each section will be taught to students at the appropriate time.


Beginner Level

Ba Mu Zhang (Eight Mother Palms)

  • Qīnglóng tàn zhǎo
  • Hēi Xióng
  • Yuè bào
  • Shīzi gǔn qiú
  • Dà Péng Zhǎn Chì
  • Tui Shān
  • Tiānmǎxíngkōng
  • Yē Zhǎng
Paul Rogers learning Bagua Zhang from Zhang Zhen Zhong, Tienjin, China.
  • Basic changes between palms
  • Advanced concepts of changing palms
  • Basic applications of Mother Palms
  • More advanced applications of Mother Palms

Dan Lian – Introduction into single practice

Pole Training – Introduction into pole training, fixed and moving

Lao Ba Zhang (Old Eight Palms)

  • Dān Huàn Zhǎng
  • Shuāng Huàn Zhǎng
  • Shùnshì Zhǎng
  • Bèi Shēn Zhǎng
  • Chuān Zhǎng
  • Huí  Shēn Zhǎng
  • Fān Shēn Zhǎng
  • Mó Shēn Zhǎng
  • Applications in a straight line and introduce the applications in a circle.

Basic Zhang Fa (palm methods)

  • Zhuàng
  • Kǎn
  • Xiāo
  • Piàn
  • Fān
  • Huī
  • Tiǎo
  • Liāo
  • Applications of the basic Zhang fa

Basic Shou Fa (handwork)

  • Tàn
  • Chuān
  • Zài
  • Ma
  • Kāi
  • Pěng
  • Dan
  • Dūn

Understanding of basic Bagua Zhang theory, and different powers.

  • Ning
  • Tuo
  • Dai
  • Ling
  • etc


Ba Mu Zhang

  • Be able to change between each palm with reasonably complex changes.
  • Understanding of all applications of mother palms.

Zhang Fa – into a straight line and circle.

Circle walking – A good understanding of circle walking, combining two circles. Be able to move fluently between both circles with the Ba Mu Zhang and Lao Ba Zhang.

Pole Training – To be able to move between two poles fluently with various strikes.

Lao Ba Zhang – To have learned all of the 8 palms. To be able to move between each palm along one and two circles, and straight lines.

Swimming Dragon – Introduction into the concepts of the Swimming Dragon.

Paul R in Hong Kong 1993 – Bagua Zhang Sabre (Dao)

Weapons – To have a basic understanding of some of the Ba Gua weapons. Some straight line and circle practice.

Power training – understanding long and short power, and how to develop it.

Dan Lian – To be able to take individual moves out of the various palms to practice them in a circle or a straight line.

Applications – To know at least one application for all the moves from all the Lao Ba Zhang. A good understanding of Qin Na and throwing, and striking. Applications of all the Zhang Fa. Understanding all of the 8 Shou Fa, and a good understanding of Ba Gua theory, and Character Transmission.


Lao Ba Zhang

  • To be able to perform all 8 palms fluidly on multiple circles.
  • To be able to take any move from any change and practice on any circle or straight line.
  • To be able to demonstrate multiple applications for any given technique including Qin Na, for every move.
  • To be able to move between any mother palm very freely with complex changes.
  • To be able to do them on a straight line, and multiple circles.
  • To be able to add moves from the Old Eight Palms with ease and to change between any palm with increasing speed.

To have a firm understanding of all Bagua Zhang theory and concepts, and be able to explain all of the Character Transmissions

Pole Training – To be able to move between any number of poles with ease and perform palm strikes with great fluidity.

Swimming Dragon

  • You Shen Ba Gua
  • You Long Ba Gua

An Tui – Bagua Zhang’s hidden leg techniques.

Weapons – Forms and applications

  • Jian
  • Dao
  • Yue
  • Spear
  • Needles
  • Chicken Hooks