Yi Quan

Yi Quan, the Mind Boxing system, is a product of the genius martial artist Wang Xiang Zhai. Around the turn of the twentieth century he spent decades travelling around China, training with some of the greatest fighters of his generation.

Based on the advanced standing practices of Xingyiquan, and dragon body methods of Baguazhang, along with extremely sophisticated theories of training and fighting, Yiquan develops the power of the mind to a very high degree. There is a saying that ‘Yiquan is not different from Zen’, and ‘Yiquan contains the whole universe’.

The Yi Quan practitioner keeps the six directions forces at all times, to develop whole body connected power. Through partner exercises one develops very refined listening and following skills, and the ability to disrupt an attacker’s balance with the smallest of motions. Aggressive attacking combinations are trained in both set forms and shadow boxing, but Yi Quan is equally useful as a method of maintaining and enhancing health, and curing disease, as borne out by countless hospital studies carried out in China over the past decades.

Our branch of Yi Quan was passed down by Zhao Dao Xin, a famous disciple of Wang Xiang Zhai and Zhang Zhao Dong (master of Bagua/Xingyiquan) who engaged in countless fights across China seeking the truth in combat.

Yi Quan is a rare martial art system which puts mind development at the center of practice.

Master Yu Gao Quan and Paul Rogers, Tienjin China


Zhan Zhuang – Standing methods
Shi Li – little combinations for developing force
Mo Ca Bu – friction step
Fa Li – explosive power methods
Tui Shou – push hands
Shi Sheng – use of voice
Ji Ji Fa – fighting practices